Caviar Facts

  • Caviar is an excellent source of protein, calcium and phosphorus. 
  • Caviar is high in Iron, in fact you can get over 10% of your daily requirement of iron from caviar roe.
  • Fresh Caviar must be stored at 28-31 degrees Fahrenheit(-3C).
  • Some species of sturgeon, can live up to 100 years or more.
  • 95% of caviar is imported to the US, the European Union, Switzerland, and Japan.
  • Some sturgeon can grow up to 2500 pounds and 15-feet long.
  • Sturgeons became endangered due to overfishing and also because the traditional method of removing the eggs was to kill the fish. Today many caviar producers surgically remove the eggs keeping the sturgeon alive to produce more eggs.
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    Russian Osetra Caviar 10 gram - Sturgeon Caviar
    Osetra (also Oscietra, Ossetra, or Asetra) caviar, is one of the most prized and expensive types of caviar, (eclipsed in...
    Kaluga Huso Caviar 10 gram - Sturgeon Caviar
    Kaluga Huso is the premium hybrid caviar; a modern miracle that brings the best of both worlds together...
    Imperial Osetra Caviar 10 gram - Sturgeon Caviar
    Imperial or “Golden” Osetra caviar is a rare variety which used to be exclusively reserved for the czars...
    Golden Sterlet Caviar 10 gram - Sturgeon Caviar
    One of the rarest caviar’s on the market, the Albino Sterlet Sturgeon produces caviar with yellowish/white pearls that stand out...
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